Thursday, October 21, 2010

Interesting Links/Articles on Ethiopia

Soul Ethiopia
Mahmoud Ahmed Endured a Decade of Dictatorship to Deliver the Hard Groove
by Ross Simonini

Horse riding in Ethiopia: Welcome to Equus Ethiopia

Religious stranges in the Kingdom of Ethiopia

A place to ride horses in Ethiopia

Ethiopian village dogs: Behavioural responses to a stranger's approach

What made me happy in Ethiopia?

Does Ethiopia have Cirrus-Maestro/Visa-Plus ATMs? Is cash carry dangerous?

New ocean being formed in Ethiopia

The Chef of Addis Ababa

Moshe Rabeinu, King of Ethiopia

Tracing angels' footsteps in ancient Ethiopia

Ethiopia hyenas: Not biting the hand that feeds them
Youseff Mume Saleh's nightly feeding ritual, a tradition in his town of Harar, has become an attraction for tourists.

Can Uganda and Ethiopia act as Egypt's "water bankers"?

THE KETOS AITHIOPIOS (or Ethiopian Cetus) was a sea-monster sent by
Poseidon to ravage the land of Aithiopia as punishment for Queen
Kassiopeia's hubristic boast that her daughter Andromeda was more
beautiful than the Nereides.

Pirates of Puntland; A tale of Somali Pirates, Ethiopia and the USA
By Thomas C. Mountain

Ethiopian Images

Girl From Ethiopia
Life as an African American woman with an Ethiopian daughter

Reflections on a hot day in Ethiopia

Tsegaye's Blogs at Habesha Friends - Ethiopian and Eritrean Community

Partying and whoring in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Princess

Group Therapy and Social Status in the Zar Cult of Ethiopia

Ethiopia: The Truth About the Hummingbirds

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