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Lord Dunmore's Ethiopian Regiment - Early American Ethiopianism

Lord Dunmore's Ethiopian Regiment - Early American Ethiopianism

”In November 1775 Lord Dunmore, royal governor of Virginia, issued a
proclamation promising freedom for any enslaved black in Virginia who
joined the British army. Within a month, nearly three hundred slaves
had joined what would be known as “Lord Dunmore’s Ethiopian Regiment.”
Later, thousands of slaves fled plantations for British promises of
emancipation. At the end of the war, the British kept their word, to
some at least, and evacuated as many as fourteen thousand “Black
Loyalists” to Nova Scotia, Jamaica, and England.

   “The existence of a black regiment in British service held a powerful
attraction for Americans of African descent who saw it as a symbol of
hope. Its very existence — blacks as soldiers in the world’s best
Army trained to kill white people — was as revolutionary as the war
itself. There was the story of the black New Yorker who named her
child “Dunmore” in His Lordship’s honor; or the black
Philadelphian who manhandled white pedestrians who felt he should
jump out of their way as they passed saying to them proudly, just
wait until Lord Dunmore and his black regiment come…”

   “The Battle of Great Bridge took place on December 9, 1775 just seven
months before the Declaration of Independence. The defeat of the British
 at this battle resulted in the capture of Norfolk three weeks later on
January 1, 1776. This was to be the end of British rule in the colonies.
Lord Dunmore and his regiment had defeated the Americans at Kemp’s
landing ten miles south of the Great Bridge. Theirs was an easy victory
in which the regiment captured two commanding colonels. The Ethiopian
Regiment’s first and only major military conflict was the battle of the
Great Bridge. Dunmore had been informed by a patriot double spy that the
Americans were inadequately armed and few in number. Overconfident,
Dunmore ordered the 300 member Ethiopian Regiment and 300 British troops
to attack on Great Bridge. On the morning of December 10, Dunmore’s men
 marched over the bridge toward battle. Expecting little opposition, the
soldiers were quickly overcome by the heavily armed Americans. The losses
were devastating. Over 100 of Dunmore’s men were killed or wounded; only
one American was wounded.4 Dunmore and his men abandoned Norfolk and
retreated to the British fleet. Crowded into the ship with hungry and
wounded soldiers, many succumbed to smallpox. After the ship became
harassed by American and French privateers, Dunmore evacuated the ship to
New York. In the end, only 300 of the original 800 regiment members survived.

For a list of individuals that participated in this event, read this

- Twenty Five Historics Moments in the
Evolution of a Proper Noun called Ethiopianism

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Funniest Ethiopian Joke Ever!

"Last fall, Egyptian archaeologists dug down 300 feet
and found traces of copper wire dating back 1000 years.
They concluded that their ancestors had a telephone
network a millennium ago.

 Not to be outdone, Sudanese scientists drilled
down 400 feet, finding traces of optical fiber that
were 2000 years old. They gloated that their ancestors
had had digital phones 1000 years before
the Egyptian analog system.

A week later an Ethiopian scientist reported, "after
digging to 500 feet, Ethiopian scientists have found
absolutely nothing. This proves conclusively that 3000
years ago, our ancestors had the most advanced
civilisation, because our ancestors were already using
wireless phones."

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THE KETOS AITHIOPIOS (or Ethiopian Cetus) was a sea-monster sent by
Poseidon to ravage the land of Aithiopia as punishment for Queen
Kassiopeia's hubristic boast that her daughter Andromeda was more
beautiful than the Nereides.

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Ethiopia the African Tibet Show

A seeker of great wisdom travelled to the highest peaks of Tibet . At its high peak he came upon a wise monk and asked:

"What is the secret to mankind?"

The monk answered:

"I do not know....But I have a
great view of Ethiopia from here"

God Speaks through Ethiopia

In 1974, something unusual happened in Ethiopia....

It was in 1974 when science began to validate the claim that Ethiopia was indeed near or associated with the Garden of Eden, as written in the biblical chapter of Genesis in paragraph 2:13.

The three million year old fossil that became known as Lucy, found in 1974 in the Afar region, linked this country as near the cradle of life, where human evolution occured, and sparked scientific and religious controversy.

The year 1974 was when also the Ethiopian ruling monarchy and its king, the proclaimed descendents of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, were forced from power by a regime that would impose a disastrous form of Soviet-sponsored communism.

Millions of Ethiopians would perish.

What happened in 1974 in Ethiopia has forever changed the religious, scientific, and political landscape of world history. Yet, little attention has been made to associate these two events.

Whether this was a mere coincidence or an act of "divine synchronicity" --- what is certain, Ethiopia offers a rich and unique history that extends beyond these two events. It also extends the legacy of a movement recognized as Ethiopianism.

ReligiousConsultants.COM is taking a leading role publicizing the unqiue nature of Ethiopia, by promoting various works including "The God of Ethiopia" and "Prophets and Profitteers".

ReligiousConsultants.COM serves as an online e-library, providing over 200,000 pages of information on religious content, with updated news coverage, humour, and discussion forums .

ReligiousConsultants.COM enlightens and entertains the Ethiopianism phenomenon debate in its bid to win the John Templeton Foundation's Progress In Religion Award.

The founding text suggestions:
Ethiopia is the metaphysical location where the spiritual and physical bind.
These are our websites promoting this phenomenon : aksum.org , ethiopiawinet.org, ethiopianism.org , inshallah.org, energyrite.com , and religiousconsultants.com
Ethiopia is the Biblical(Genesis 2:13) and scientific(Lucy1974) location of the Garden of Eden, site of the Tree of Life, where original sin occurred…

Ethiopia is the land of Moses‘ wife.

Enlightens and Entertains the
Ethiopiawinet phenomenon debate
in its bid to win the John
Templeton Foundation's Progress
In Religion Award.

"Then the king commanded Ebed-melech the Ethiopian, saying,
Take from hence thirty men with thee, and take up Jeremiah the
prophet out of the dungeon, before he dies."
- Jeremiah 38:6-13

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